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DemandMetrics の前身となる GinzaMetrics 日本で誕生しました。マーケティング解析ソフトの開発者だったレイ・グリセルフーバーは、成功している顧客はモニタリングに注力していることに気づきました。当時流行していたマーケティングソフトウェアは、解析ツールによって顧客の行動にゴールを設計したり、しつこい勧誘バナーを表示したり、広告効率を高めるものばかりでした。しかし、成功的な企業ほど、ただ自然な検索流入を観察し、より良いサイトを構築することに専念していたのです。



Ray Grieselhuber

CEO & Founder

Ray has been working in the search and digital marketing space for more than a decade. Ray was the lead architect of the first enterprise SEO platform in the industry at San Diego-based Covario. After participating in Y Combinator in the Summer of 2010, he launched GinzaMetrics with the goal to help businesses create authentic interactions with their customers through SEO and content marketing. Ray has gone on to work with brands and agencies to increase their online findability both as a platform builder as well as an industry advisor and visionary. He has spoken at numerous industry events including ad:tech Tokyo, PR Summit, FOUND Conference SV, FOUND Conf NYC, DATA Conference, Media Finance Summit, LeadsCon NY August 2012, PubCon, Under the Radar Conference, and Y Combinator Ad Innovation Conference.

Takeru Muroya Japan Country Manager

Takeru Muroya

Country Manager, Japan

Takeru Muroya brings experience in the SEO space and enthusiasm for ensuring clients are found to the DemandSphere team. A well-known name in the APAC SEO scene, Takeru has expanded the DemandSphere footprint in the region and continues to tackle the tough challenges that search engines and findability put in front of us.



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